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Electrical & Instrumentation

BC&T Consultants have references for the design, selection and installation in both hazardous and safe area environments of the following equipment.

  1. HV Switchgear
  2. HV/LV Transformers
  3. Emergency Generators
  4. Motor Control Centres (DOL / Soft Start / Inverter)
  5. Master Switchboards
  6. Local Distribution Boards

In addition BC&T Consultants have experience in providing full plant instrumentation solutions as follows.

  1. Line Instrumentation
  2. Control Systems (PLC or DCS)
  3. ESD Systems (Relay or High Integrity PLC)
  4. Fire & Gas Detection Systems
  5. Building Fire Alarms Panels (Addressable/conventional)
  6. UPS
  7. Cathodic Protection Systems